At present, it is found that there are three main reasons for unqualified export silicone rubber products
First, the quality control of raw materials is not strict. Some enterprises do not pay enough attention to the control of raw materials used for kitchen utensils. Without testing the raw materials, they use silica gel with low quality grade for the production of food contact products, or use unqualified colouring glue for coloring in the production process, which leads to the hygiene index of molded products exceeding the standard.
Second, the production process is random. Due to the particularity of raw materials, the production process control of silicone rubber miscellaneous parts is required to be high, especially after the molding of products, it needs enough baking time to remove volatile substances. In order to pursue production efficiency, some enterprises did not reach the required baking time, that is, packaged into boxes, resulting in the detection of total migration exceeding the standard. Yinzhou Bureau has found three batches of products unqualified due to this reason so far this year.
Third, enterprises do not pay attention to the use conditions of products. European Union and other countries require that product testing should be carried out in accordance with the most stringent foreseeable use conditions. At present, most export enterprises only produce products based on customer samples, and they don't pay enough attention to the use and use conditions of products. When conducting third-party testing, they are blind about how to select test conditions, and even are obviously inconsistent with the foreseeable use conditions of products. As a result, the "qualified" products still have the risk of being notified, which also causes the frequent export of miscellaneous silicone rubber parts The reasons for the current disqualification.